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July 17, 2008


Greg Barbera

yeah fuck you axl for making dan miss the who especially when dan finds out they played "A Quick One"...

Dan E

Bullshit — I know they didn't play "A Quick One". Why do you lie, Greg? Why do you lie?

Stuart Shea

I just hope they didn't play "Athena."


I would be especially pissed if I were you for missing "Sister Disco," (just to see if Pete still scowls at Roger during that song's performance).

And as for Axl, fuck that guy. Never liked him. Never will...

Rabbi Adam

I was in the mezzanine of that 1982 Horizon show.

Highlights--An excellent rendition of "Naked Eye" during the encore.

Lowlights--Blackfoot as the opening act; the stampede to the exits when the audience figured out that "Baba O'Riley" was actually "Eminence Front; not catching up with my ride and having to call my mom from the Holiday Inn on Mannheim Road; and finally, the following quote from Roger: "This is a new song from Jon Entwistle and it's called 'DANGEROUS!'"

Dan E

Different show than the one I was at, Rabbi. The Who played the Horizon on two separate tour swings in '82 — four shows in all, I think. Our opening act was t-Bone Burnett, who actually was fairly good; he had Mick Ronson on lead guitar, so that was the only time I ever got to see the great Ronno live. (Though I was sorely disappointed, because I'd heard that the Clash were going to open.) And Entwistle did "The Quiet One" that night...

Vinnie Park

That's an insanely cool photo of Pete Townshend, Dan. Is that from like '65 or '66?

Dan E

Hmmm... not completely certain, Vin, but I'd guess '66, or maybe early '67.


When I saw them at the United Center a couple years ago, Emminence Front ended up being the best song of the night. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Also, So Sad About Us is and will always be my favorite Who song. I am certain I will never see it peformed live.

Also, why wouldn't have you gone to see Axl Band? I don't understand. It either would have been supremely mediocre or hilariously bad.

Dan E

Well, Reed, my money was on them being "supremely mediocre" — and life is too damn short to sit through "supremely mediocre". (Which is also the main reason I almost never go to movies anymore.)

Agreed on the brilliance of So Sad About Us, though. Genius song that never really got its due.


I'm slogging my way through Amazing Journey (the book) and can only say, one should always take comp tickets, when able. "Welcome to the jungle"...

Gary Poole

"Ruining" Guns N' Roses? That's funny stuff. You can't ruin what sucks ass piss to begin with.

Remember when the bros on the bus used to call Eric Guns N' Roses? "Hey, Guns N' Roses, 'sup?"

That's really funny stuff!


Dan E

Nah, that was ME who always got the "Hey, Guns N Roses!" Eric was either "Cookie Jar," "Beatles" or "Ain'tchoo Brand New Heavies?"

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