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January 25, 2007


Michael Ansaldo

Awww, that's precious! If dogs can detect cancerous tumors in their owners, I see no reason why Mentos can't forsee the folly in paying $7.5 million for a broken-down platoon left fielder...

Vinnie Park

Mentos, who by the way is adorable, knows what Met fans have known for a long time now: Nothing good can happen when you play with Glass.


He couldn't just be kookoobananas could he?

Tom Rose

Funny, every time I see that sick 'royal' blue the Cubs insist on using, it makes me want to pee too. You go, Mentos. The Cubs have changed everything else since last season - why not change the uni's and go back to the '69 era look? Thanks for making me laugh, Mentos.


I'll have a couple bottles of water for you to give to Mentos next time I see y'all.


Feline commentary as only they are capable. Sadly I have not yet read of any animals defacing Red Sox gear for paying $70 million for a similar player.

Paul Gaita

I think Carole's guess is the best. Animals is nuts. I once discovered that one of my dogs ate a AA battery. Passed it without incident, which is how I found out about it. It's not like he knew that it was dangerous to eat, but honestly... who or what eats a battery?

Sarah Parker

My vote is for nutball! Those crazy animals. After all, didn't Tom 'n Sherri's dog eat a can of chili?
A can. Of chili.
What, she could tell what was inside by the picture?

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